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Annual Conference

The 4:19 Annual Conference

Each year we have inspiring and informative training sessions in disciple-making. They are a great way for our leaders to get energized and learn new skills to invest in others. The 4:19 Disciple Makers Conference provides resources, knowledge, and skills needed to disciple those God entrusts to us. These annual trainings will build up our skillset in practical ways to lead groups and provide one-on-one discipleship. Each training is recorded and can be found here.

4:19 Bi-Monthly Podcast

A conversation about what it means to live the Great Commission brought directly to you! If you are a believer, you will benefit from these bite-sized conversations of what God is doing through ordinary lives. Each episode will be based on an important topic to help you along your journey. Listen Here.

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Leaders for Leaders 

Members of our staff and discipleship council are available to meet with you or your group.  We are experienced leaders here to support leaders. If you need coaching, mentoring, prayer, or a listening ear, we can meet with you online or in-person to discuss starting a group, troubleshooting a problem, or talking through some ideas. Email us at and we can provide you support.

Be Discipled 

Jesus is inviting you to come and follow Him. He summons you to “trade-in your ALL for one great pearl” (Matthew 13:45-46) and to prepare yourself to reach God’s world. It is a call for you to become the man or woman God intended for you to be. Respond to His invitation by committing to a small group focused on this purpose. At Mount Pisgah, we call these Discipleship groups.  


A Discipleship group is a safe place to be transparent, grow spiritually, and become equipped to invest in others. Joining a Discipleship group is an invitation to study Jesus’ model, develop spiritual disciplines and learn new skills for disciple-making. During the time of your group, you will be challenged to examine every area of your life in the light of the Scriptures so that you may emerge as a man or woman after God’s own heart.  


Discipleship groups meet weekly through the school year and sporadically over the summer. An equipped leader facilitates Bible-based teachings with typically 4-6, same-gender believers. These closed groups meet at a variety of times and stay together for an average of 3 years. To learn more or get involved, contact us at 

One-on-One Coaching
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