4:19 School of Disciple Makers is a training platform from Mount Pisgah Church that equips leaders to make disciples. We provide resources, knowledge, and skills needed to disciple those God entrusted to us. Online resources, weekly podcast, and monthly sacred moments practices will build up your skill set in practical ways to lead groups and provide one-on-one discipleship.

“Come, follow me,

and I will send you out to fish for people.”

Matthew 4:19 (NIRV)

Recent Resources

Cycle of Grace

Jesus modeled the cycles of grace to bear fruit and build God's Kingdom.  As disciple makers we need to follow His model to avoid the cycle of frustration.

The 4 Calls of Christ

These 4 pages give a detailed explanation, with Scriptures, to explain the 4 calls of Christ: Salvation, Lordship, Discipleship, and Purpose/Disciple Maker.

The 5 Key Behaviors

Grow and mature into a high impact Christ follower with a biblical world view!





Christian accountability is the genuine evaluation of one’s walk and relationship with God and others which prepares us for the final Day of Judgment. Therefore, we all need to be answerable to a trusted discipleship group member for integrating Biblical principles into our lives and resisting sin.




Highly recommended options for small group and discipleship group studies, including Romans 12, Training of the Twelve, and Master Plan of Evangelism Study Guide.


Personal Worship


Personal worship is a means to deepen a personal relationship with Jesus, which is the first of the 5 Key Behaviors to Discipleship. This is coming into the presence of Christ daily to employ multiple spiritual disciplines, such as prayer, confession, meditation, journaling, and Scripture study, for which we will be held accountable to our discipleship group members.




Videos covering a variety of topics from personal and corporate worship, serving through your spiritual gifts, questions about small and discipleship groups, and much more.




Tools to help disciples learn about their spiritual gifts, evangelism style(s), personality and life experiences. Also, includes helpful suggestions for faith sharing and spiritual growth.


Group Formation


Becoming Christ-like is inspired by the Holy Spirit, grounded in Scripture, and formed in a faith community. A spiritual formation is an intentional act for the purpose of growing in knowledge, love, obedience, and trust in Jesus Christ, choosing to take on His character.


Spiritual Journey


Developing a one-minute testimony and charting out the disciple’s spiritual journey is a comprehensive way for disciples to see how God acted throughout their life and the way decisions made along the way help give each person a unique story of God’s grace. This section offers tools and resources to complete the activity.


Sharing Your Faith


Sharing your faith with others is an integral part of Jesus’ model and plan for disciple-makers. This section includes the Four Spiritual Laws, an Evangelism Role Playing Guide, and specific tips for sharing your faith with others.




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