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Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church is on a mission that is the foundation for everything we say, do, and believe. We are prayerfully working to transform lives by leading others to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The example of Jesus – loving our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22:36–40) – is ingrained in our every effort to reach neighbors in our immediate community and around the world. Love God, love people is what it is about. We invite you to join us.


4:19 Disciple Makers

4:19 School of Disciple Makers is an ongoing training that equips leaders to make disciples. This school provides the resources, knowledge, and skills needed to disciple those God entrusted to us. It is taught by our disciple-making lay leaders and church staff. The monthly, quarterly and annual training will build up your skill set in practical ways to lead groups and provide one-on-one discipleship. Attendance to 4:19 is optional and open to all.

“Come, follow me,

and I will send you out to fish for people.”

Matthew 4:19 (NIRV)

Mark Danzey

Pastor Mark is native to Miami, Florida but has lived in North Georgia all of his adult life. He and Tammy have been married since 2003 and have four grown children. He has held a pastoral position in four different United Methodist Churches since 1993. Mark has a Masters degree in pastoral ministries from Erskine Theological Seminary, is an ordained Deacon, and is a registered civil and domestic/divorce mediator with the state of Georgia office of dispute resolution.  In 2012 Mark began to pursue training as a pastoral sexual addiction professional and completed that certification in 2016. Mark is a trained facilitator for Prepare-Enrich and performs pre-marital and marital coaching.  Discipleship is the real focus of his ministry, and he is currently disciplining three groups of men each week as well as providing discipleship coaching for pastors in 5 states as well as three pastors in Moscow, Russia.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys golf, most all outdoor sports, learning new things, and disciple others. In the fall he is pulling for the Georgia Bulldogs and the Miami Dolphins.

Beth Laury

Beth was discipled by a caring and intentional member of our congregation. She experienced the grace of healing and transformation in her life and developed a passion to disciple other women. Beth is a Spiritual Director and working on her masters in spiritual formation.  She has been discipling women in small groups and one on one since 2009.  She loves music, reading, and cooking. Beth and her husband, Michael, have two daughters. Beth loves music, reading, and cooking.

Katie Garrison

Katie is a lifelong Mount Pisgah member.  Witnessing the growth of Mount Pisgah UMC first hand, as a young child and teen, and then as an adult with her own family; Mount Pisgah has truly shaped her into the woman she is today. Katie holds a Bachelors of Social Work and has worked in Foster Care and Adoptions Case Management, Home Study Writing, and Foster Care Advocacy.  She and her husband Graham are the proud parents of three children, adopting their youngest child through foster care.  Katie is the founder and Advocate Leader of Pisgah Fosters. Katie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading and good movies.

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DiscipleLife Team:

Discipleship Council:

The Discipleship Council is comprised of Mount Pisgah laity and clergy who are all passionate about disciple-making. Our main objective is to recruit, train, equip and encourage leaders, facilitate communication and provide resources.

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